Foresight Theatrical continues to be a leader in the Broadway Theatre industry under the direction of Allan Williams, Aaron Lustbader, and Mark Shacket. We manage and oversee numerous Broadway and Touring productions, as well as Arena and Special Engagement attractions.  Our company as a collective is truly passionate about theatre and we possess the knowledge, experience and depth of workforce to bring any production to life. Our managers are masters at communicating and coordinating all facets of a production with our producer clients.

We take the seed of an idea and consult and oversee all developmental stages of creation, from workshops to readings to regional productions, before landing on Broadway.  We negotiate and prepare all contracts for the original creative staff and all goods, services and facilities, as well as the administration of all employment and union compliance across the board.  We prepare budgets realistically and accurately.   We give the creative team the support and tools to build on their ideas while remaining in the framework of the approved budget.  We believe in efficiency, transparency and being present in all aspects of a production.  You will find our team not only behind our desks, but in the theatres and backstage as well.  We take care of our actors, crew, creative team, and all vendors. 

At Foresight, we help our producer clients realize their theatrical production responsibly and efficiently.




Allan Williams
GM Partner

Aaron Lustbader
GM Partner

Mark Shacket
GM Partner

General Management

Lane Marsh
General Manager


Mark Barna
GM Associate

Nick Ginsberg
GM Associate

Lisa Guzman
GM Associate

Jalaina Ross
GM Associate

Office Management

Jennifer O'Connor
Office Management and Foresight Events

Nina Greene
Management Associate

Brandon Gloster
The Front

Company Management

Marc Borsak
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Ashley Berman
Kinky Boots

Jason Haft
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Brent McCreary
Kinky Boots

Steve Greer
The Phantom of the Opera

Cathy Kwon
Miss Saigon

Katherine McNamee
The Phantom of the Opera

Ben Finn
Miss Saigon

Tracy Geltman | The Band's Visit
Brian Tucker | The Band's Visit

Michael Altbaum | Curvy Widow

Jacquelyn Bell | GM Fellow
Mark Brystowski | GM Intern